Voorschotfraude Stephanie Russel Deel 3

My dear be rest assured this is nothing before my jurisdiction as a chief of foreign remittance injunction and auditor of this bank it is my duty to pile and oversee this areas of concentration because it is nothing before my office just forget about that, the full assurance are with you as long as am concern in this matter therefore do not panic just follow per my ordinances and everything will work out as planed with my full assurance that nothing bad will happen to you because i have made all my research and perfect plans over this transaction.

i have already explained to you that i am the Chief Auditor of my bank and also the Chief of the International Relation Foreign Remittance Unit Prior to my position here at my bank i have the opportunity with my professional position as important staff worker here at the Islamic bank i have everything possibility to cover up without any trace or problems.

yes the reason is that anybody whose name appears as a next of kin to someone automatically has every legal right for the claim of the fund without any problem from any where and now is only your name is been used here as the original next of kin relating to late Dr Harrison Foster apart from you nobody else has any legal right for the claim according to the law of every banking system these documents now are one of the official and legal prov that you are genuine next of kin to late Dr Harrison foster and you are the only person whom can claim the fund based on how i have already planned to fix your information attach together with Late Dr Harrison foster name on you being his next of kin here at the Islamic Al-rayan bank and at the court of Justice .
below are his original documents i attach to you please handle with care and trust never to allow it to expose and more documents are yet to prepare at the court of Justice as a change of Ownership on your favor will also prepare on your behalf which they will guide you against any problem as of when the fund will be transfer to you as time goes on . i hope you understand what i have said?

If you are still interested to work with me you let me know so i can direct you on what you should do on next mail
thank you am waiting for you.
miss Stephanie.